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Scooch App Riding Citibike with Scooch


Scooch is our groundbreaking micromobility app. With Scooch, users can effortlessly pay for and unlock any micromobility device, be it e-bikes or e-scooters, without the need to juggle multiple apps. It's micromobility simplified!

Micromobility Dashboard

Micromobility Dashboard

We design data dashboards for municipalities, providing crucial insights into micromobility device usage. With real-time data and analytics, it empowers local governments to understand the dynamics of their communities and forecast the implications of potential policies regarding these devices.

About Us

Endstation aims to integrate all forms of transportation from the bikeshare to the airplane providing a seamless and hassle-free travel experience.

Our platform takes care of planning, price estimation, ticketing and managing rewards so all you need to do is enjoy yourself!

Our Team

Josh Tang, Founder and CEO

Josh Tang

Chief Executive Officer: he has been a Principal Engineer in the banking sector and has trained, deployed and orchestrated machine learning models and solutions for the DOD, healthcare and banking sectors.

Michael Bending, CTO

Michael Bending

Chief Technical Officer: formerly an AI Researcher on medical imaging.

Aditya Rengaswamy, Fractional CFO

Aditya Rengaswamy

Chief Financial Officer: he has helped raise over 20 Million dollars for tech startups and has successfully managed environments for the financial health and operations of small businesses and early stage startups.

Chris Brace, Director of Urban Data

Chris Brace

Senior Data Engineer: has years of consulting experience working with teams large and small on scalable, secure, full-stack data solutions.

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